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CourtLink: Access 200 million court records with the leading online docket tracking and document retrieval service.

CourtLink is the leading online docket access, tracking and retrieval service. With easy court docket searches and litigation tools, you can quickly access filed documents and gain valuable insight into key players in a case. Stay on top of new activity, and uncover new civil litigation filings.

  • Find strategic profiles of judges, attorneys and litigants
  • Search more than 200 million federal, state and local court records in a single search
  • Receive automatic notification of case developments and newly-filed cases
  • Locate relevant work product of opposing counsel key
  • Retrieve dockets and documents – online or from our experienced staff

  • Track New Activity to Better Manage Cases
    Be among the first to know about new developments in existing cases with automatic e-mail notification of new activity in existing cases of interest to you. CourtLink® Track lets you easily find changes to tracked dockets. Customize your case tracking to notify you of new activity.
  • Set Alert for Automatic Notifications
    Stay on top of new litigation involving your clients or opposing parties. CourtLink® Alerts deliver automatic e-mail notices of relevant court activity. Base your alerts on specific types of legal subject matter in federal appellate or state courts, or on litigant name, attorney, firm or judge.
  • Get Legal Intelligence with Document Finder
    Use this CourtLink exclusive litigation tool to search for documents listed within dockets to pinpoint relevant work product, key rulings and other hard-to-find litigation intelligence. Locate the relevant work product of opposing counsel, as well as key ruling information on the presiding judge.
  • Identify Targeted New Business Opportunities
    Use CourtLink® Strategic Profiles to research potential prospects and to find opportunities to expand your relationship with current clients by profiling their business litigation needs and matching them to your areas of expertise.
  • Easily Order Court Documents
    With the CourtLink® Document Retrieval Service, you can order court documents from any federal or state court nationwide, placing your order online through CourtLink or over the phone. Our experienced staff will work with you to meet your research needs.
  • Find relevant past and present litigation activity
    Gather the critical litigation intelligence you need to gain and keep a real strategic edge. With our powerful, simple-to-use CourtLink tools, you can search over 200 million federal, state and local records at once. Search by litigant, attorney, firm, jurisdiction, nature of suit, and keywords.
  • Quickly develop complete strategic profiles of your opposition
    With over 20 years of court records data, CourtLink® Strategic Profiles will help you gain insight into opposing counsel’s practice-area experience and history with specific judges. Research the history of opposing litigants to uncover prior similar cases and discern patterns of case resolution.
  • Gather strategic intelligence on judges assigned to your cases
    With CourtLink® Strategic Profiles, you can learn whether the judge assigned to your case has substantial or limited experience in a particular area of law, and learn how the judge has ruled in similar cases in the past.
  • Conduct due diligence search to find potential risks
    CourtLink® Search locates court dockets that reveal corporate litigation activity involving existing or potential business alliances, alerting you to potential conflicts or risks.

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