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Conduct efficient bilingual research with Lexis® China, the most comprehensive legal information platform available.

The most comprehensive legal information platform available in the Chinese market, Lexis® China is a bilingual database with access to millions of data items. This one-stop online service has powerful search functions and efficient features that can be customized.

  • Thousands of online publications and resources
  • Specialized writings from professional organizations
  • Up-to-date information on government policy changes
  • Practitioner modules provide one-stop solutions
  • 33 categories of laws and regulations
  • Customized settings for efficient legal research
  • Incisive analysis of key legal issues

  • One-Stop Provider for Chinese Legal Information and Services
    Make your legal research more effective and accurate. Lexiscn.com is the most comprehensive legal information platform currently available in the Chinese market. With millions of data items and practical features, Lexis® China is the legal professional’s one-stop solution.
  • Bilingual Legal Database
    Make your research more efficient with Lexis® China, the most complete bilingual database available to Chinese legal practitioners. This authoritative, practical and timely solution is based on the leading global information platform provided by LexisNexis.
  • Practitioner Modules Based on Real Practice
    Gain a rapid understanding of specific laws, cases, expert commentaries and the practical materials involved in a legal issue or problem. Based on clients’ in-depth needs, Lexis® ChinaPractitioner Modules provide search indices and content according to key issues and practice areas.
  • Standard and Customized Translations
    Take advantage of our one-to-one translation service. In addition to the large volume of accurate translations currently available in the database, each Lexis® China client can receive a certain number of translations without charge.
  • Value-Added Services
    Enjoy a comprehensive range of services available to Lexis® China clients. In addition to customized information and personalized features, we offer contract templates, online Q&As and professional seminars.
  • Efficient and complete Chinese legal solutions
    Save valuable research time when you use Lexis® China, the most practical and comprehensive product of its type for the Chinese legal market. Lexis® China offers solutions for legal professionals from law firms, government agencies, Chinese and foreign enterprises, and academic institutions.
  • Powerful search functions for accurate results
    Search relevant laws, regulations and decisions since 1949, using the intelligent search platform of Lexis® China. Narrow your results by specifying parameters to enhance relevancy and accuracy. Set up an automatic search to save time. Use the natural language search function for common expressions.
  • Latest and personalized news for cutting-edge issues
    Get the latest legal and commercial news from a wide variety of news sources, including analysis in personalized newsletters and e-magazines provided by Lexis® China. Set up an email alert so that you get updates immediately. Share the new information with your colleagues and clients.
  • Selected cases and commentaries for detailed analysis
    Conduct concise legal research with the Lexis® China Practitioner Modules. Get the in-depth information and references you need with the selected judicial decisions, catchwords and casemaps. Commentaries provide legal experts’ analysis of key practice issues and topics.
  • Summaries of laws and regulations for legislative analysis
    Find out what the experts have to say. The Lexis® China Practitioner Modules integrate the opinions of professionals and summarize the text of laws. You will find the Chinese and English titles of the laws and regulations, as well as hyperlinks to the original texts.
  • May we try Lexis® China before purchasing?
    Yes! To set up a free trial account, contact us at: +886-2-7718-8688 #2251 or Sales.tw@lexisnexis.com
  • Learn how to use Lexis® China
    Whether you are a new or an existing customer, you can benefit from training for LexisNexis products and solutions, including Lexis® China. Learn how to get the best results, in the least time.
    Contact the LexisNexis training team at Support.tw@lexisnexis.com.

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