LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer

Use PatentOptimizer™ to  develop internally consistent patent applications, support litigation, and streamline analysis.

Streamline your patent analysis with PatentOptimizer™. The platform is designed specifically to aid in developing internally consistent and well-tailored patent applications. Created by patent attorneys, it also serves as a critical quality control tool.

  • Easily construct and deconstruct patents
  • Support patent applications, litigation and prosecution
  • Quickly analyze granted patents
  • Make your IP workflow more efficient
  • Help mitigate legal risk
  • Findselegal status and associated case law

Check Applications and Patents

Use PatentOptimizer™ to analyze the accuracy and consistency of patent applications on claims, parts, references, and terms. View a comprehensive post-issuance activity report for cited patents (with Microsoft® Excel® export capabilities).

Keep Track of Claim References

Stay current on patent claims activity.  The Update Claim References feature of PatentOptimizer™ renumbers claims and claim references to reflect recent updates or amendments made to the claims.  The Mark Claims Wizard feature hyperlinks dependent claim references to their parent claims.

Patent Citation References

Instantly retrieve patent citation references in your grant or application and review related bibliographic information. Insert fully formatted patent citations into your document, including a hyperlink for the referenced patent.

Efficient Analysis

An effective analysis tool, PatentOptimizer™ can quickly deconstruct online-issued patents and pinpoint ambiguities, issues or problems that were previously undetected.

Check Terms and Phrases

Quickly generate a list of cases referencing and interpreting key terms and phrases from your patent document.  PatentOptimizer™ can detect and report terms from user-created dictionaries.

Make the practice of patent law more profitable

Provide your clients with the best quality legal analysis and work product, without overextending your resources. PatentOptimizer™ helps you save time and give your clients confidence that their patent prosecution and litigation work is being done in a thorough, accurate and efficient manner.

Decrease patent drafting time, produce airtight patent applications

Use PatentOptimizerTM to serve as a critical quality-control check in your patent drafting process, yielding stronger, more defensible patents. Check your patent application for use of terms across claims and description. Check references for accuracy and consistency on the fly.

Streamline patent analysis process

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a granted patent by checking use of terms across claims and description, by checking patent references, by finding cases in which a court has interpreted the meanings of key terms, and by validating such cases ... all with just a few clicks.

Easily enter and verify patent citations

Investigate, verify and export information related to the citations appearing in your patent document.  Enter a fully formatted patent citation, including a hyperlink to the referenced patent, in your patent application automatically.

Multitask with PatentOptimizerTM

Simply your patent work with the LexisNexis® Patent Research Tasks page. Conduct a single web search of multiple web search engines for particular terms in a patent. Link to the USPTO PAIR system. Order file wrappers from REEDFAX®.

Do I need to download software to use the LexisNexis PatentOptimizer™ service?
Yes, software needs to be downloaded and then activated with an ID & password. Download the software now.

Can individuals download the software or does a firm's IS department need to do this?
It depends upon whether your firm restricts users from downloading software on their own. Check with your IS department.

Is a user's PatentOptimizer™ ID & password the same as their lexis.com® ID & password?
Yes. This is only activated if your firm is a subscriber to the LexisNexis PatentOptimizer service, however.

Are trials available?
Yes, free 30-day trials are available

How often is the case law in the service updated, and what is the coverage?
The case law coverage is updated quarterly and the coverage extends back to the creation of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in 1982.

Are there any charges beyond the subscription charge for the service?
Yes, additional charges can be incurred if you retrieve litigation dockets from the CourtLink® service or order REEDFAX® file histories.

How is the patent analysis generated?
The service employs a number of sophisticated algorithms created specifically for LexisNexis PatentOptimizer™ that have been extensively tested.

What word-processing programs and Web browsers does the service support?
The service currently supports Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Internet Explorer.
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